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Weir and Council for the National Interest: J Street and AIPAC “Two Tentacles of the Same Lobby.”

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Alison Weir, serving as President of the Council for the National Interest, has invoked the anti-Semitic theme of Jewish power having long-reach “tentacles” in a recent announcement circulated on behalf of the CNI.

In her March 11 message, Weir promoted an article by CNI Executive Director Phil Giraldi about the J Street lobby group. Weir’s message states that: “’J Street’ and AIPAC are two tentacles of the same lobby.”

An alleged Jewish world conspiracy, pictured as an octopus spreading its tentacles, is a classic feature of anti-Semitic propaganda, seen for example in this Nazi cartoon circa 1938.

Other language used by Weir in her March 11 announcement further adds to the impression of a vast and monstrous conspiracy–those in J Street are stated to “wrap themselves” in a “cloak,” and participate in “behind-the-scenes maneuverings.” Such language and imagery resonates with those who have already adopted the narrative of a vastly powerful Jewish conspiracy; it also spreads anti-Semitic themes to a broader public.

J Street is a “pro-Israel, pro-peace” lobbying group that advocates for “a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” and describes itself as “informed by […] progressive and Jewish values.” [1] Despite Weir and the CNI’s characterization of J Street as being “of the same lobby” as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, J Street’s loyalty to Israel has been debated by a Knesset committee, and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has repeatedly refused to meet with J Street’s representatives. [2]

Alison Weir has been President of the Council for the National Interest since June 2010, when she replaced long-term CNI President Eugene Bird. [3]


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